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Law professor and expert on digital privacy Neil Richards told me it may be hard to outlaw mSpy and its ilk altogether, since its makers can argue it has legal uses, just as tools that burglars use are also tools that licensed locksmiths use. But "legitimate" uses notwithstanding, these spywares could, and should , be treated as lawbreakers, at the very least for their spouse-spying tools.

Citron's upcoming law review paper "Spyware Incorporated" marvels at how these invasive apps are still sludging through the market despite, you know, being used for blatantly illegal stuff. She mentions mSpy and flexiSPY in this paper as examples of spyware that hasn't been banned, and has serious concerns about the genre of software in general, especially about how these softwares create very real danger.

Her paper points out several cases where spyware software helped abusive partners stalk people trying to escape them:. A woman fled her abuser who was living in Kansas. Because her abuser had installed a cyber stalking app on her phone, her abuser knew that she had moved to Elgin, Illinois. He tracked her to a shelter and then a friend's home where he assaulted her and tried to strangle her.

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In another case, a woman tried to escape her abusive husband, but because he had installed a stalking app on her phone, he was able to track down her and her children. The man murdered his two children. In , a California man, using a spyware app, tracked a woman to her friend's house and assaulted her. I'm just going to point out the obvious and say: This is so fucked up. Citron knows it, and emphasized to me that even the more ostensibly legitimate use cases for spyware, like employee monitoring, are at odds with the Wiretap Act:.

So both for individuals, spies Federal law also covers the manufacture and advertising of devices primarily designed for surreptitious interception of communications. Which is what they're doing," Citron told me. There just isn't. I asked her if people could skirt the issue of consent by purchasing and giving a phone as a gift, or as a work product. She told me that even if the employer pre-loads the phone before giving it to an underling, it's still designed to be surreptitious interception of communication and therefore illegal. Neil Richards also believes these technologies need to be curtailed.

Richards stressed that it would be wise to consider outlawing this sort of spyware altogether, or at the very least licensing it the way the way we license locksmiths and their skeleton keys. The potential for abuse is obvious. Attorney Boente said in November. The product allowed for the wholesale invasion of privacy by other individuals, and this office in coordination with our law enforcement partners will prosecute not just users of apps like this, but the makers and marketers of such tools as well.

The Assistant Attorney General characterized selling spyware as a federal crime after the Akbar case. Yet, as Citron told me, the StealthGenie case is a rarity. Spyware purveyors like mSPy and flexiSPY are continuing their flourishing business unabated, and arrests and shut-downs remain rare.

Remember, spyware has been around since at least We've only had three prosecutions—one recently in August, with StealthGenie—so there's a woeful under-enforcement of law, especially at state level. I couldn't find a reported case on the state level," Citron said. This is often because police lack the forensic tools they need to figure out if spyware is on a device Citron pointed out that nobody's afraid of breaking laws that are never enforced.

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Why would spyware makers stop a lucrative business, when they aren't getting pursued by law enforcement? They wouldn't, and they aren't. It looks like mSpy is making adjustments, gearing up for a fight. On its Android app, it now only allows people to install the software in its totally undetectable format if they self-identify as employers or parents. This is, of course, extremely easy to circumvent; someone could just say they were an employer and install the secret surveillance tool on their partner's phone, or even a passing acquaintance.

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  5. And there are legislators pushing the issue. But every day mSpy, flexiSPY, and other spyware continue to sell, they help people to stalk and spy on each other illegally. They are destructive, menacing, and intrinsically at odds with reasonable expectations of privacy. They should've never been allowed to operate and each day they continue is a failure of our government, a failure that endangers its citizens. It's an embarrassing lapse in protection to provide safe harbors for spyware.

    Perhaps the lax attitude law enforcement has towards stalking apps is a symptom of the government's overarching approach towards digital privacy. Since actual spies feel entitled to blanket surveillance, this dismissive stance towards invading our online lives may be percolating into decisions to enforce laws targeting other surveillance. Just as the government justifies mass surveillance as a means to ensure national security, companies like mSpy are using ostensibly justifiable and legal actions installing spyware on childrens' phones as a catch-all to legitimize spying on other adults without their consent.

    Whatever the reason for allowing these spywares to sell their legally dubious and morally reprehensible stalking aids, if you want to protect yourself from sneaky installs, the only thing you can really do is keep your phone locked and never leave it with anyone else. This is a recipe for paranoia, and one we shouldn't have to develop to keep ourselves safe. Spyware should be banned.

    People who use this shit illegally should be prosecuted. People who sell this shit knowing that it's going to be abused should be banned from selling it. The A.

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    Share This Story. When this sort of protection is active, the keylogger typically receives random characters, or nothing at all, in place of your typing, and attempts at screen capture come up blank. Note, though, that other logging activities may not be blocked. Of course, keylogger protection in software can't prevent a hardware keylogger from capturing keystrokes. But what if you don't use the keyboard? A virtual keyboard on the screen lets you enter your most sensitive data by clicking with the mouse.

    Some products go to extremes, scrambling the key locations, or creating a flock of decoy cursors to foil screen-capture attacks. Virtual keyboards are often found in password manager tools as well, so you can enter the master password without fear of having it captured. The historic Trojan horse looked innocuous enough to the soldiers of Troy that they brought it inside the city walls.

    Bad idea; Greek soldiers exited the horse in the night and conquered the Trojans. The malware type aptly named Trojan horse works in much the same way. It looks like a game, or a utility, or useful program of some kind, and may even perform its promised function.

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    But it also contains malicious code. So, now that you've brought it inside your city walls, what can the Trojan horse do? The possibilities are vast, but I'll focus on the ones designed to steal your personal data. They silently sift through your files and documents, seeking information to send back to malware HQ. Credit card details, social security numbers, passwords—the malware coder can monetize these and other kinds of personal information. One way to foil this sort of attack is to use encryption software to protect your most important files.

    Note, though, that it's tough to find and encrypt every shred of personal data. Good thing that your antivirus usually whacks these nasties before they launch. A variation on this theme creates what's called a man-in-the-middle attack. All of your internet traffic gets redirected through a malware component that captures and forwards personal information.

    Some banking Trojans take this a step beyond, actually modifying the traffic they handle so. You can prevent man-in-the-middle and other types of browser-based spying by using a hardened browser. Implementations vary from suite to suite. Some wrap your existing browser in added protective layers. Some offer a separate high-security browser. And some move your browsing to a secure desktop, entirely separate from the normal desktop.

    The smart ones automatically offer the secure browser when they see you're about to visit a financial site. Routing your traffic through a virtual private network VPN is another way to foil many kinds of browser-level spying. You can definitely use a VPN along with your malware protection; suspenders and belt! Have you noticed how when you look at a product on a shopping site, you start seeing ads for it on other sites? Online advertisers really want to present ads that you might click on.

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    To that end, they use a variety of techniques to pin down your browsing habits. They don't necessarily know your name, or your email address, but they do know "that guy who keeps shopping for Kim Jong Un masks. Creepy, right? The good news is, you can set your browser to tell every site you visit that you don't want them tracking you. The bad news is, they can and do totally ignore that request. The advertising and analysis networks that perform this kind of tracking are necessarily large.

    It's not too hard to compile a list of them, and actively block their tracking, or to at least give the user the option to do so. This active Do Not Track functionality is sometimes paired with general purpose ad blocking. Note, too, that using a secure browser or a VPN can help to throw off the trackers. The most advanced trackers create a fingerprint by quizzing your browser about all kind of details, fiddly stuff like what extensions are installed, even what font are available.

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    The usual active Do Not Track implementations can't help you against these. If you really, really hate the idea of having your online behavior tracked, consider giving TrackOFF Basic a try. This one-trick pony only foils fingerprinters, but it does that one task well. That webcam on your laptop or all-in-one computer makes video conferencing super easy. You can tell when it's active, because of the little light next to it.

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    Well, no. There are varieties of malware that can turn on the webcam and watch you without causing the light to reveal their activities. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg famously tapes over his webcam , for privacy. If tape seems cheesy, you can get a sliding webcam cover for just a few bucks. But, with the right security software, you don't need to physically cover the camera. Products from Sophos and Kaspersky include a component that monitors any program that tries to activate the webcam.

    Trend Micro now has a similar feature. Authorized programs, like your video conferencing tool, get access without a problem.

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    But if an unknown program tries to peek through the camera, you get a warning, as well as a chance to give the spyware a black eye. Your home network supports a collection of very visible computers and mobile devices. Behind the scenes, though, it also supports an even bigger collection of Internet of Things IoT devices. Connected garage doors, washing machines, light bulbs—everything's on the network these days. Toys, too. It's cool that your child's new doll can learn her name and converse realistically.

    It's not so cool when it turns out that the doll is spying on you. No, the doll's name is Cayla, not Chuckie. There are occasional instances like the connected doll and Samsung TV spyware incident where IoT devices deliberately collect data about you. But the lack of security in most connected devices is even more worrisome.

    Spending extra bucks to secure a smart lightbulb makes no financial sense, in some manufacturers' eyes. The competitor who skips security can get to market faster, and for less. Ultimately, you may pay the cost for their negligence, however. Any unsecured IoT device can potentially offer spies a view into your house, and your habits.

    Ironically, hacked security cameras provide a lovely view for the hackers. Even something as simple as a thermostat that adjusts the temp when you're home can reveal that you've gone on vacation. You can't go around installing antivirus on each connected doorbell, refrigerator, and bathroom scale.

    Securing these devices requires network hardware like the Bitdefender Box or any of the many competitors that are springing up. But you can at least keep track of just what lives in your home network. Some security products now include variations on the theme of a network scanner. Features include verifying your network security settings, cataloging all devices on the network, and flagging devices that may be vulnerable to attack. If your antivirus or security suite includes this feature, be sure to take advantage of it, and learn as much as you can.

    If you didn't get this feature as part of your protection, consider trying the free Bitdefender Home Scanner. The spyware protection features I've mentioned are important, but they're not the only tools available. I mentioned encrypting your sensitive files. For maximum security, you must also use secure deletion to erase the originals beyond the possibility of forensic recovery.